East Devon Evening Tens no. 6

Thanks go to Cranbrook CC for organising and running this one. Start timekeeper Simon (Rendell) was aided by Rob Barrow on the finish line, with marshalls Matt Pike, Zach Pike, Kate Wilcockson, Liz Rendell, Paul Keatley and Thea Keatley ensuring that all the riders were pointed in the right direction. Thanks folks and hopefully other clubs will come forward next year to help ensure that the series can continue by running an event or two.

Fastest on the night was Lubos Obornik of the organising club on 22.36, with second being Aidan King with another impressive road bike ride on 22.45. Both of these riders had been down to ride the Tavy Whs. 10 on the speedy West Devon A30 course, but roadworks put paid to that event so along with Simon Brown they made a quick divert to the old A30 in the east of the county. Jimmy Richards kept up his steady form to be third whilst Exeter Wheelers took 4th and equal 5th with James Greenaway at 23.45 and Gideon Aroussi exactly a minute slower. And I know Richard Crosby will have been chuffed with upgrading his PB to a new fastest of 28.23, and it’s good to see Dave Fleming of EWCC is still out there with his 71 years. Dougie Parker of Sid Valley is going well this year too . . . . chapeau etc

For the first time there were no female riders, whilst the average age of riders was a sagacious 53 years . . .

The league tale will be posted here sometime tomorrow.

1 Lubos Obornik Cranbrook CC M D TT 22.36
2 Aidan King FTP M senior road 22.45
3 Jimmy Richards Pure Endurance M senior TT 23.37
4 James Greenaway Exeter Whs. CC M senior TT 23.45
5 Gideon Aroussi Exeter Whs. CC M D road 24.45
6 Alister Trendell Honiton Spinners M C road 24.45
7 Stuart Pollard Exeter Whs. CC M senior road 24.46
8 Doug Parker Sid Valley CC M E TT 25.56
9 Jason Willicombe Exeter Whs. CC M D road 25.57
10 David Hall CS Dynamo M E TT 27.17
11 Simon Brown CS Dynamo M E TT 27.21
12 Andrew Haydon guest M D road 27.35
13 David Gray Axe Valley Pedallers M E TT 27.53
14 Richard Crosby guest M D road 28.23
15 David Fleming Exeter Whs. CC M G TT 31.06