Club kit

Club kit will be available to order several times a year. Club members will be informed via email and facebook once the shop opens.

So that we can assess when to open the Kalas shop, you can indicate what items of club kit you are after here (NOTE – this is not the actual order form!):

Kalas items are priced in Euros, so will be subject to currency fluctuations, but short-sleeve jerseys are about £50, bibshorts £90 and skinsuits about £150, reflecting the good quality of the kit.

The Kalas brochure is available here

The Kalas sizing is rather idiosyncratic (i.e. odd, and the sizing chart has been known to be some way out for individuals!) so please make an appointment by text to see Greg in the Bike Shed (see above) to try on samples for sizing, as once paid for you won’t be able to change or return your items.

Children’s ranges are available in the catalogue.

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