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To apply to join Exeter Wheelers Cycling Club:

  1. Complete the application form below
  2. Pay the appropriate membership fee on the payment page.

Your application will be confirmed at the next monthly meeting of the club committee.

By submitting this form you consent that you have not been a member of any local cycling club affiliated to BC or CTT during the last three months.

If elected, you agree to conform to all the Club rules.

All applicants are urged to consider the insurance cover they have for their cycling activities, including personal and third party cover.

The Exeter Wheelers Cycling Club provides no insurance cover for its riders and accepts no responsibility for any claims.

Riders in events organised under the regulations of the national cycling organisations should familiarise themselves with the organisations’ rules and provisions for insurance.

You will be required to give assistance at one or more events during the year.

Club subscription rates

Seniors (aged 18 or over) £15.00
Juniors (aged 16 or 17) £10.00
Juveniles (aged under 16) £5.00
Family Membership £25.00
Associate Membership £10.00

You can pay your membership subs using PayPal on our payment page.

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