Sunday Club Runs

***All EWCC group rides are currently cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak***

The Sunday Club Runs are our main club rides and is a steady social and training ride designed to accommodate mixed abilities from the sportive rider through to elite racers. All through the year there will be the no-drop ‘core club run’, of about 50 miles over typical undulating/hilly Devon routes, run at about 16-18mph average.

There are often at least 2 Groups of riders. With a maximum of 14 riders per group before we need to split. We then allow time gaps between groups of at least 3 minutes to allow traffic to overtake easily and safely. At no point should a group catch another group on the road. Time gaps must remain for everyone’s safety. Groups will be riding in formation (two-abreast), singling out as necessary. This is a good time to practise group riding skills in order to retain group formation. On longer hills the group might be allowed to split up, but will regroup at the top.

In addition, in the summer months there will be a group for faster riders aimed at race training. Riders who can’t keep up in this ride will be distanced and have to wait or find their way back to the following ‘core’ group on the road. This training club run will differ in the following points:

  • This group goes in front of the main club run at a faster pace and is a steady race training ride for experienced riders.
  • It has a lower level of rider support.
  • It will follow (for at least the first 25 miles) the published route. If riders find it unsuitable they can then drop back to the main run.
  • An additional mileage may be added on towards the end.

October to December is predominantly the off season so the ride length is reduced and a cafe stop included. Rides at this time of year are run at a more modest pace and is probably the best time of year to come a try a club run (though new riders are welcome all year).

If you are planning of joining us on a club run for the first time but are unsure of the standard required our reckoning is if you can complete a 30 – 40 mile solo ride at 15 – 17 mph you will be ok. Please let us know when you arrive if it is your first club run.

The Sunday club ride is a non competitive ride and all riders who join the ride should be familiar with the Wheelers guide to riding in a groupPlease adhere to these guidelines or you may be asked to ride independently.

The ride meets every Sunday at 9.00 am outside the Odeon cinema in town. Please see the Sunday Club Run schedule for route details.


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