• I am interested in joining, but haven’t ridden with a club before. Will I be OK to ride with you?

The Exeter Wheelers rides are designed to be progressive allowing less experienced riders to join and build fitness. The pace varies throughout the year with slower riding in the winter building up over the summer months. Winter rides have a cafe stop to re-charge the batteries and are an excellent starting point to ease in, but generally speaking the Sunday club run is the best place to start. We do try to look after people, but if you’re really in trouble, we’ll make sure you know your way back. If your comfortable with the club runs the chaingang on Tuesday and Thursday are a step up and typically split into two or three ability groups.

  • I have a son/daughter under 18 interested in cycling, can they ride with the club?

Riders under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to take part in club activities.

  • I am visiting the area, will it be OK for me to join the club run?

Yes no problem, club rides are not exclusive and we are quite often joined by riders from other clubs or non club members. If you are not a club member and attend regularly, we would encourage you to join the club and benefit from the wider activities the club has to offer.

  • I’m new – and I haven’t ridden in a group before what do I need to know

We have written an article specifically aimed at group riding safely, find out all about it here.

  • Where and how far do you ride?

Please see all our rides here: https://www.exeterwheelers.co.uk/rides


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