Youth Academy

The Exeter Wheelers Academy is open to boys and girls aged 8 and up who are interested in road cycling and cyclo-cross (CX).

We run a number of sessions over the year under British Cycling’s “Go-Ride” development programme. Course content will depend very much on the riders that apply in terms of level. We will focus on a range of core skills in a series of linked sessions. More information on the initiative is available on from the British Cycling website here:

To get the latest information on our activities please visit the Academy’s Facebook page or contact us via ">email to learn how to join the EWCC Academy.

All Academy riders need

  • a bike in good working order;
  • bike helmet;
  • suitable cycling clothing, including gloves and a waterproof jacket;
  • long leggings/ trousers (not jeans!);
  • a drink and a snack.

Academy road bike training

During the fair weather season (term time) the EWCC academy training takes place on Monday evenings, where we work on bike handling skills such as braking, accelerating, cornering and group riding etiquette in a save environment. Dates will be announced on our Facebook page.

Academy cyclo-cross training

Please find below some basic information for EWCC academy riders looking to join our CX coaching sessions and Go-Ride racing events.

The CX dates will be announced via our Facebook page and the British Cycling website.

Note – please ">contact us before attending a session to confirm a space.

In addition to the list of basic needs above, CX riders need ideally a mountain bike or cyclocross bike, but a hybrid or a road bike with knobbly tyres fitted will be fine. Slick tyres are not recommended as there will be little or no grip on wet grass or mud.

What will the CX training involve?

We will be improving riders bike handling skills on mixed terrain in a
traffic free environment. This will include riding up and down slopes,
cornering on grass and gravel & transitions between different
surfaces. We will look at race starts, riding in a group in a cyclo-cross
race environment and overtaking in a race environment. It may be wet and muddy.


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