Class of 2014

The Exeter Wheelers Academy is open to boys and girls aged 8 and up.

We run a number of sessions over the year under British Cycling’s “Go-Ride” development programme.

Course content will depend very much on the riders that apply in terms of level. We will focus on a range of core skills. The actual course content is being planned as a series of linked sessions. More information on the initiative is available on from the british cycling website here –

To get the latest info please visit the Facebook page here.

2017 sessions start Monday 24th April

How to pay

To pay for the 2017 sessions please use the following form – note, you must confirm your child’s eligibility and attendance first, please contact us on the ku.oc1534812455.srel1534812455eehwr1534812455etexe1534812455@ymed1534812455aca1534812455 address. The sessions are charged at the rate of £2 per session, in blocks of 6 consecutive sessions.

Please choose the correct number of sessions, this should come to £12 for the six sessions.

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