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The Exeter Wheelers organise regular club training rides on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday which are targeted towards racing and sporting cyclists (defined as who are looking to push their physical abilities and boundaries by going further and faster than they have previously done). These rides happen year round and vary through the year to reflect differing training intensities required through the racing and off seasons.

Due to popular demand – we are now operating a maximum group size of 20 riders. This means some rides are split into mixed ability groups where necessary. Please follow the advice of your ride leaders as to which group to depart with on our rides.

The Saturday Introductory Ride

The club run fortnightly introductory rides  alternating Saturdays with the Intro Plus Rides aimed at riders looking to develop their experience of group riding. The Intro Plus will look to progress riders fitness further by increasing the length and total elevation gained whilst still maintaining the same average speed of the Intro Rides.

The Sunday Club Run

This is the main Wheelers club ride and is a steady training ride and designed to accommodate mixed abilities from the sportive rider through to elite racers. All through the year there will be the ‘core club run’, of about 50 miles over typical undulating/hilly Devon routes, run at about 16-18mph average. Groups will ideally be about 8-12, but never more than 16, riding in formation (two-abreast), singling out as necessary. This is a good time to practise group riding skills in order to retain group formation. On longer hills the group might be allowed to split up, but will regroup at the top.

October to December is predominantly the off season so the ride length is reduced and a cafe stop included. Rides at this time of year are run at a more modest pace and is probably the best time of year to come a try a club run (though new riders are welcome all year). When numbers are sufficient, a faster group on an extended route will go ahead of the core club run, and especially during the racing season will be a considerably more demanding ride than the core club run. This training club run will differ in the following points:

  • This group goes in front of the main club run at a faster pace and is a steady race training ride for experienced riders.
  • It has a lower level of rider support.
  • It will follow (for at least the first 25 miles) the published route. If riders find it unsuitable they can then drop back to the main run.
  • An additional mileage may be added on towards the end.

The ride meets at 9.00 am outside the Odeon cinema in town.

If you are planning of joining us on a club run for the first time but are unsure of the standard required our reckoning is if you can complete a 30 – 40 mile solo ride at 15 – 17 mph you will be ok. Please let us know when you arrive if it is your first club run.

The Sunday club ride is a non competitive ride and all riders who join the ride should be familiar with the Wheelers guide to riding in a group.

Tuesday Training Ride

The ride meets at 6.30pm starts from Aldi Pinhoe same meeting place as Thursday’s rides. The primary focus of the ride is race training and ridden as a ‘chain gang’ or ‘through and off’. (There is a good video on essential technique here.) This ride has two phases during the year summarised in the table below.

Tuesday training ride – Details
Time of Year Average Speed (mph) Comments
Oct – Feb 20 * Tempo riding for endurance development

  • Technical focus on pedalling technique
  • Limited speed
  • Ridden as a group
March – Sept 23 – 24 * Riders split into ability groups

  • Groups set off at timed intervals
  • Aimed at race development

Wednesday Night Rides

These are aimed at riders who want a pace similar to that of the Intro or Intro Plus Rides but would like a ride mid-week. The routes are often undulating but will re-group at regular intervals if split apart. The routes will be posted on our Facebook page a couple of days in advance. You MUST bring decent, charged bike lights that can light the way through dark and narrow Devon lanes for at least 2 hours. Meeting usually at the Odeon at 7pm but please check Facebook for updates.

Thursday Training Ride

This ride is longer than the Tuesday ride and is held on the Triangle Route. Similar to the Tuesday ride it is designed for race training and ride has two phases during the year summarised in the table below. The ride meets at 6.30pm outside the Aldi store in Pinhoe.


Thursday Training Ride – Details
Time of Year Average Speed (mph) Comments
Oct – Feb 19 * Tempo riding for endurance development

  • Technical focus on pedalling technique
  • Limited speed
  • Ridden as a group
March – Sept 22-23 * Ridden in three sections:

  • tempo
  • chain gang
  • race pace
  • Ridden as a group (only split if numbers > 15).

Ride notes

  • All riders ride at their own risk.
  • The ride descriptions are for guidance only and may vary according to weather and road conditions

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