We run a number of events throughout the year including Audaxes, Criteriums, Road Races, Time Trials a Hill Climb, Cyclo-cross and Roller racing.

Road Races

  • Tom Hawkins Memorial. 50 Miles mass start event, open to 2/3/4th cat riders – usually in March.
  • Rockbeare Road Race. 50 Miles mass start event, open to 3/4 cat riders (Men) and E/1/2/3/4 cat riders (Woman) – organised late season, usually September.

Time Trials

We organise a variety of time trials, from “Club” events that can be entered on the day to “Open” events must be entered in advance, more on events and results here.

Audax Events

These are long distance events ranging from 100km to  600km, Full details of these and other audax events at ukcyclist.


Cyclo-cross is mix between mountain biking and road racing. It requires stamina and good bike handling skills. It is raced on fields and involves obstacles such as steep banks or wooden boards which require the rider to dismount and carry his/her bike. The races are less than an hour and considerably shorter for youths – so taking part does not require training!

Do I need a Cyclo-cross bike to race? No. Although the serious riders will have one, many riders will race on a mountain bike. You can turn up on any old mountain bike and still compete – so anyone can give it a go!

Roller Racing

A roller race is a bicycle race carried out on rollers! The races are short (500 meters) and held in heats starting with qualifying and progressing to knockout heats. Each race is a one on one match and it’s all over in around 30 seconds!

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