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2016 Christmas Lunch and Trophy presentation

Orders are now all in, if you haven’t ordered your too late, we’re expecting nearly 70 wheelers this year at the Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel, on Sunday 27th November. Guests should arrive before 1pm with food being served at 1:30pm.

Look forward to seeing you on the day.

Four Firs Margaret Baker Results 2016

Thanks to Mike Rose for organising this year’s Margaret Baker Four Firs Time Trial held on 27/03/2016. Thanks also to all the helpers, and the marshals who gave their time on an exposed course on a cold, wet morning.


Name Club Category Time
L Morgan Team Bottrill Vet M 34.59
D Griffiths Pro Vision Sen M 35.12
L Sanderson MDCC Vet M 35.43
J Tribble MDCC Vet M 36.49
M Gratton MDCC Sen M 37.07
L Douglas-Greene Somerset RC Sen M 37.13
S Birch EWCC Sen M 37.18
R Facey Chard Wheelers Vet M 37.23
M Woolacott Somerset RC Sen M 37.27
W Barr UBCC Sen M 37.40
N Grinczer (1st Lady) Team WNT Sen L 37.52
J Monk EWCC Jun M 38.01
M Leach Revo Vet M 38.03
R Babbage Revo Vet M 38.06
R Clarke CSD Jun M 38.07
M Sanders MDCC Vet M 38.14
J Hare EWCC Sen M 38.16
A Gray Champion System Vet M 38.30
J Ashby CSD Vet M 38.41
O Messenger MDCC Vet M 38.52
J Harper Revo Vet M 38.54
S Pollard EWCC Sen M 39.02
S Dunn MDCC Sen M 39.02
C Spearman NoPinz Sen L 39.02
J Stevenson MDCC Sen M 39.13
J Nye Stavanger Sen M 39.17
E Cockcroft Bikeshed Sen L 39.20
O Prior EWCC Sen M 39.27
C Scawn Plymouth Corinthians Vet M 39.31
C Law EWCC Sen M 40.00
C Ward Somerset RC Vet M 40.13
B Messenger MDCC Youth M 40.14
Z Betteridge NDW Sen L 40.59
B Stubbs Bikeshed Sen L 41.47
J Duffy Bikeshed Sen L 41.52
L Coulman EWCC Vet M 42.01
G Smith Severn RC Vet M 42.06
I Hennessey EWCC Vet M 42.11
M Solman Chard Wheelers Sen M 42.22
P Smith MDCC Vet M 42.35
S Clarke Bristol South Vet M 42.49
W Rietz Chard Wheelers Vet L 43.37
P Stoneman Scuderia Sen M 43.41
N Toomer EWCC Vet L 44.44
S Watmore EWCC Vet M 45.10
A Sheehan Bikeshed Sen L 45.50
J Gray Elite Velo Jun L 46.04
D Francis Alltrax Vet M 46.35
E Bremer Stavanger Sen L 47.01
L Monk EWCC Jun L 47.46
C Guthrie EWCC Sen L 48.12
N Rorke EWCC Vet L 48.22
A Sainsbury EWCC Sen M DNS
J Kesseler EWCC Sen M DNS
L Hill Alltrax Vet L DNS
D Caton TMG Horizon Vet M DNS
W Lofthouse MDCC Sen M DNS
H Wood MDCC Youth M DNS
N Carey EWCC Sen M DNS
J Bolsom Revo Sen L DNS
A Perkins MDCC Vet M DNS
C Hilton SVCC Vet L DNS
H Viles Somerset RC Sen L DNS
S Williams Revo Vet L DNS
M McPee Exeter Tri Sen M DNS
P Wynne EWCC Vet M DNS Apol
L Baird Revo Sen M DNS Apol
M Brock Tor 2000 Vet M DNS Apol
R Mann EWCC Sen M DNS Apol
M Lees Tanks Direct Sen M DNS Apol
A Bradford EWCC Vet M DNS Apol
C Moss MDCC Vet M DNS Apol


Photos courtesy of Ann an Richard Owens