Open committee

The Committee of the Exeter Wheelers Cycling Club meets at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of every month. The venue will be announced on facebook closer to the day.

The standard agenda is shown below.

Please come and have your say. It is open to all members of Exeter Wheelers (friends are welcome but will not be able to participate) and Greg, your chairman, will be inviting comment from the floor.

Don’t be put off by the words “committee” and “meeting” it will be ….. err fun!

No. Item Time (minutes)
1 Apologies for absence 5
2 Approval of the minutes from previous meeting 10
3 Matters arising (from the above) 15
4 Correspondence 10
5 New members 5
6 Treasurer’s report 10
7 CTT (time trials) report 10
8 BC (road race) report 10
9 CTC/Audax report 10
10 Newsletter 10
11 Date of next meeting 5
12 AOB (any other business) ?
Total 100ish

All timings are estimated and may vary on the night. AOB will be brought forward at the discretion of the Chair. Exeter Wheelers members only can vote. Voting is at the discretion of the Chair. If you wish to propose an agenda item please use the “contact us” form on this web site.

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