Golden Jubilee

The following is an extract from the clubs Golden Jubilee publication in 1974. Some of the records may no longer be current.


Golden Jubilee

1924 – 1926

The Club was formed at a meeting of interested cyclists held on February 18th 1924 at the United Services Club 143,Sidwell Street, Exeter.

Officers elected were Mr.J.A.Steer – Chairman;
Mr.J.W.Moore – Hon:Secretary; Mr.S.Chambers -Hon: Treasurer; Mr.D.Steer – Runs Captain: Mr.J.Westcott – Sub Captain.

Membership was open to Ladies and Gents and it was three shillings for the Annual Subscription. Mr.W.A.Steer, now a vice-President, was among some half dozen who became members at that date.

Mr.Fred Wood and Mr.Frank Chick accepted the positions of President and Vice-President. At the end of the year the membership numbered 49. Mr Arthur Elston and Mr.Cyril Penn joined on the 7th May and Mr.Frank Middleton on the 8th August.

The Hon:Secretary and Hon:Treasurer resigned after a few months and Mr.W.J.Elston took over both positions and held them until 1934.

The first Time Trial was a 10 mile event held in August 1924 and won by C.Deane in 29-34.

The first 25 mile Time Trial was held in the following season for the President’s Medals with D.H.Steer winning in 1-17-11 and he won the event again in 1926 in 1-16-50.

During this period there were two Open events run on the Copplestone course, a ’25’ and a ’50’ both promoted by the Plymouth C.C..Members of the Exeter Wheelers met with some success – A.Elston 2nd H’cap in the 1924 Open ’50’, W.Hoddinott and A.Elston 2nd and 3rd H’cap in the 1926 Open ’50’, D.Steer and W.Hoddinott 2nd and 3rd H’cap in the 1926 Open ’25’.

1927 – 1939

In 1927 the Club promoted its first Open event, a ’25’ at Copplestone and 1st H’cap was won by one of our own members, Harold Fricker, in 1-12-14 and he was the 3rd fastest overall.

The President presented the first “Wood” Cup in 1927 for the Exeter-Highbridge and back Time Trial – 98½ miles – won by A.Elston in 5-55-37 followed
by W.Hoddinott in 1928 in 5-32-0. The Trophy was won outright by Dick Youlden in 1934 – the course had now been correctly measured and extended to a
100 miles. Dick’s winning times were 1932: 5-14-8, 1933 5-9-45 and 1934:4-56-31.

In the following year the ‘100’ was made into an Open event and the record now stands at 4-11-12 by Pete Harris of Plymouth in 1968.

On the social side from its inception until the start of the war in 1939, the Club held Wednesday evening and Sunday runs from March to October.

In 1925 a Speed or Hardriders Section came into being under the Captaincy of Arthur Elston and its programme included longer runs to parts of Dorset Somerset and Cornwall.

The early 1930s produced another Club Champion in Dick Roberts who won a number of track races in the N.C.U. Devon and Cornwall Centre Championships also the C1ub’s ’25’ in 1932 and 1933, and with a time of 1-6-55 he also won the 1933 Plymouth Open ’25’. During this period we had Maurice Hayman and George Partridge performing well on the track.

In 1934 our present Chairman Steve Kelly joined the Club and won the Club’s ’10’ in 1935 in 26-17, and again in 1936 in 27-3, the ’25’ in 1-7-20 and the “Wood” Cup ‘100’ in 5-0-24.

1935 was a vintage year for the Club with Steve Kelly, Dick Youlden, Harry Gray, Ken Hurvid, Albert Porter and brothers Len and Ed Chislett. Between them they entered 11 Open events at ’25’, ’50’ and ‘100’, one 12 hour event, and won the Team Award in each case.

1933 – 1950

In November 1933 Arthur Elston and Len Chislett riding Tandem and Dick Youlden and Len Banting on Singles, represented the Club at the first meeting of the Western Counties Road Record Association in Bridgewater. Club members broke W.C.R.R.A. records in the following years:
1935 Dick Youlden Plymouth-Exeter and back 4-13-0:
1936 Steve Kelly Bristol-Exeter and back 7-40-0:
1937 Cecil Davey and “Johhny” Johnson – on Tandem Plymouth-Exeter and back 3-51-0:
1949 Cyril Boundy Bristol-Exeter and back 7-0-30; and the Plymouth-Exeter and back 3-38-8.

Race Hon: Secretaries read – 1925-26 A.Elston: 1927-28 C.Penn: 1929-39 A. Elston. Arthur Elston also took over the Hon: General Secretary’s task on the resignation of his father Mr.W.J.Elston in 1934. During his period of office he revived and ran the Whit-Monday Sports Meetings in Exeter – in 1934 and 1935 on grass at St.James’ Park, and in 1936-7-8-9 at the County Ground, where, thanks to the kind patronage of the late Mr. Reg Oliver, the asphalt banked track of ¼ mile was resurfaced.

Steve Kelly did well at these meetings, so did Len Chislett who won the 5 miles Scratch event at St.James Park in 1939 beating the then 5 mile National Grass Champion W.W.Maxfield.

The post war period gave the Club the trio of Harvey Alford, Tony Bunt and Cyril Boundy. During 1948-51 they won the Team Award in the Belle Vue (West London) Club’s Jubilee Open ’50’ as well as many other Open and Team Races. In 1949 the same trio won the S.W.T.T.A. ’25’, ’50’ and ‘100’ events between them and they took the Team Championship.

In 1949 Cyril Boundy came 8th in the National B.A.R.Competition and in 1950 Harvey Alford came 6th winning the Somerset Road Club’s Open ’50’ in 2-1-11 as a qualifying event, whilst Cyril Boundy set up new figures for the S.W.T.T.A. ‘100’ With a ride of 4-31-41.

1953 – 1961

1953 produced a surprise winner of the Club’s Open ‘100’ in Danny Hilliard with a 4-31-41 ride and, backed up by Tony Bunt and Nicky Sanders, he completed the trio to win the Team Award.

The middle fifties brought another Club name to the fore in Mike England who won all the Club events and he did well in both Trials and Massed Start events. In 1954 he finished 2nd in the National 94mile Folkestone-London Road Race and in 1955 was nominated as 1st Reserve in the Tour of the Saar race, an 115 mile event run at Saarbrucken. In 1956 he won the National Road Race Championship of the B.L.R.C.

In the late fifties a strong rider emerged in Derek Andrews who won many Club Time Trials and did well in Road Races. He won the Mannin Veg event in the 1958 Isle of Man Cycling Week.

Mike Barrett was another Club member who came to the fore at this time in both Time Trials and Road Races, winning the 1959 Isca Road Race and, backed by Derek Andrews and Ed Davison, the trio took the Team Award.

It was in 1959 that 15 year old Mike Hardy in a ride of 1-5-17 succeeded in winning the 25 mile Devon and Cornwall Junior Championship. In the same year the Club won the Team Award in the S.W.T.T.A. 12 hour event with Ian Davies, Pete Martin and Mike Horsman.

1960 gave Derek Andrews another success when he won the 1st Chard Wheelers Two Counties Road Race, the Club also took the Team Award.

1961 Ian Davies did well in distance events becoming the Devon and Cornwall 12 hour Champion with a ride of 242 miles. He also beat the Exeter – Bristol and back Tricycle record with a time of 7-14-0 and for this ride he was awarded the Western Counties R.R.A. Rose Bowl – for the most meritorious ride of the year.

1968 – 1972

1968 we had Mike Bond coming along winning the Club ’10’ and ’25’ events, with Tony Keyte taking tht ’50’ and ‘100’ events and Senior B.A.R.Shield and in 1970 Mike Bond won all the Club events and the Senior B.A.R.Shield.

During the 1960s another stalwart was Ken Ham, for as well as being Club Treasurer, he organised the Isca and Tom Hawkins Road Races.

July 1968 saw the resignation of Tony Keyte as Hon: Secretary and Dick Bond took over, continuing in office until the family left Exeter in 1971. During his four years Dick proved himself to he a very efficient and hard working official and when he left it was a big loss to the Club.

Our current Club Champion is Roger Dean. He won the Club ’10’, ’50’ and ‘100’ events in 1972, the ’10’ ’25’ and ‘100 in 1973, and all Club events for 1974, including the Senior B.A.R. Shield for the third time. Roger won the Club’s Open ‘100’ in 1974 in the good time of 4-36-31.

Mention must be made of Jim Beed. He has been a great worker for the Club, has competed in Time Trials, was Hon:R.T.T.Secretary for many years and is a past holder of the Senior B.A.R.Shield.

Pete and Jean Luxton too deserve mention. Pete supporting the Club events and doing a spell as R.T.T. Hon: Secretary during his twenty years of nembehip. Jean has competed in Ladies events with success, including a good ride of 190 miles in n S.W.T.T.A. 12 hour event. She has for the past eight years organised the Club’s Open ‘100’.

Fred Thorp who joined us in late 1971 took on the Time Trials Secretary’s job and has been very successful in boosting both the interest and the entries in Road events in the area.

On the social side Mr.W.A.Steer was Hon:Social Secretary from 1933 – 1937 and during that period he organised several successful dances.

The Club has provided many of the officials for the governing bodies over the years:

Bill French, Bill Webber, Maurice(Tiny) Webber and Frank Middleton as N.C.U.Judges; Arthur Elston as N.C.U.General Councillor, Handicapper and Judge for the Devon and Cornwall Centre; Jim Beed as Hon: Secretary South West R.T.T.C.-a position now held by Fred Thorp; Arthur Elston, Steve Kelly and Fred Thorp as R.T.T.C.Timekeepers;

The present Chairman of the S.W.R.T.T.C. is Arthur Elston who is also the Senior Timekeeper – a post he has held since the 1930s.

Roger Dean is the current Hon: Treasurer for the S.W.Division of the B.C.F.

During the post war period the Club owes much to the Lady members including Mrs.G.Kelly, Mrs.J. Pile, Mrs.J.Luxton, Mrs.M.Elston, Mrs.A.Bond and Mrs.W.Steer, for running Jumble Sales and a number of other functions to augment the Club’s finances.

The Club’s thanks are also due to the late Ern Pile who from the early days of the Club until 30 years later was the unpaid trainer and coach to the racing boys.

The Club has had only three Presidents in its 50 years –

*the late Fred Wood 1924 – 1935
*the late Ernest Head 1936 – 1953
*Arthur Elston 1954 to the present time

In recognition and appreciation of their valued services to Cycling in the South West, Steve Kelly in 1965 and Arthur Elston in 1973, were awarded the G.A.Widmann Memorial Plaque.



10 miles 1st R.Dean 24:53
2nd C.Chester
25 miles 1st R.Dean 1:03:33
2nd P.Wonnacott
50 miles 1st R.Dean 2:17:36
2nd G.Chester
100 miles 1st R.Dean 4:36:41
2nd G.Chester
Four Firs 1st R.Dean 46:35
25 miles Ladies 1st Mrs.J.Fairgrieve 1:13:15
2nd Mrs.E.Luxton
SENIOR B.A.R. R Dean average 23.220 m.p.h
JUNIOR B.A.R. N.Evans average 22.838 m.p.h
R.Dean Exeter Wheelers C.C.
R.Hopkins Mid-Devon Road Club
P.Sandy Somerset Road Club
M.Bons Chippenham and District Wheelers
Arthur Elston